1. 01 Gotta Wear Clothes Essence 2:27
  2. 02 A Dog Named Moo Essence 2:58
  3. 03 T REXXXXX! Essence 5:11
  4. 04 Socks On My Ears Essence 2:14
  5. 05 Everybody Has A Butt Essence 2:09
  6. 06 Rocks n’ Sand Essence 3:19
  7. 07 Comin’ to Getcha Essence 3:37
  8. 08 You Are My Sunshine Essence 3:10
  9. 09 Bird in Your Ear Essence 3:09
  10. 10 Hey Kangaroo Essence 2:18
  11. 11 Let’s Make A Pizza Essence 1:50
  12. 12 Yum Yum Essence 3:19
  13. 13 When You Wish Upon A Star Essence 2:33

dog named



A Dog Named Moo and His Friend Roo was produced in a grass-roots way: essence’s first album funded solely on the support of her fans on Kickstarter. Most songs were co-written by Jeffrey Pease with illustrations by Alex Conn.

This infectious collection of originals and familiar favorites for kids and kids-at-heart began as a gift of love for her son, Rhys, who has been enjoying these lighthearted, humorous tunes since he was born.

“I never set out to make a kid’s record,” essence explains. “It was the furthest thing from my mind. But when I had my son Rhys I needed to find creative ways to engage him in everyday events like taking baths, getting dressed, or wearing a seat belt. I find great satisfaction in capturing the joy I was experiencing with my son in songs. Then everything became a song!”

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